7035 Northwinds Dr. NW Concord, NC 28027


Concord Middle

Concord Middle is a 169,000 sq ft building designed for 1,200 students. The school’s compact one-story configuration maximizes site efficiency to allow an Elementary School and a public park complex to fit on the same site.

One of the defining design characteristics of Concord Middle is the segregation of public spaces. The athletic gymnasiums are accessed by a dedicated entrance separate from the main public entry that serves the classroom, administration, auditorium, and cafeteria areas. This separation allowed President George W. Bush to deliver a speech to over 1,000 visitors in the gymnasium safely and securely, without interrupting the learning environment in the rest of the school while children attended class.

Client: Concord Middle School

Location: Concord, NC

Category: K-12 Education


Electronics, Office Supplies